White Puli

Kennel Lovespirit 



My name is Maria Björklund and I live in Strängnäs, Sweden together with my white Pulik. 


I've owned puli for over 19 years and I love their clever intellect, curiosity for life and their joyfulness.


My goal is to preserve the white puli, both in Sweden and international, and to contribute to a sustainable and long-term development of the breed. I follow SKK: s guidelines and regulations as well as the Animal welfare act and the Swedish Board of Agriculture regulations. 

The Puli

Puli is a very loyal and active guard/herd dog originally from Hungary.

It’s a medium size dog with a unique corded coat that doesn’t shed or needs to be combed, and the breed is overall healthy and has an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years.


 Puli are easily trained but can possess a strong will therefore it’s good to have some previous experience with dogs before buying one.

To read more about the puli visit www.svkfur.com

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